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Adrenaline Exploits .... B.A.S.E. JUMP MEXICO


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Jay at the Falls
Thank you for looking at our Tours. We run independent tours to both Copper Canyon and the Cave of the Swallows. Our next tour begins on March 3rd.

Copper Canyon/El Gigante

We start our adventure in El Paso, Texas, and then travel down to Basaseachi National Waterfall Park, deep in the state of Chihuahua. We provide accommodations, food, and helicopter access for ten days, and nine nights. We will have full access to the helicopter for five to eight days. From our previous experience we expect each jumper to get at least 10 + jumps off during this trip. If things went extremely smooth.... Id like to see much more. Obviously weather is one of our only variables. We purposely work in a rest weather/day or two for that reason.
We are interested in taking only experienced jumpers with big wall experience, and at least 100+ BASE-jumps. Our tours will be limited to 14 clients, ground crew, and 3 guides, to maintain a high level of safety and personal service.
We have put much effort into developing this area. We built a small landing field (about the size of a hockey rink) at the base of El Gigante.
We feel this is an exceptionally safe jump, especially for Birdmen. We have multiple exit points ranging from 900 to 2700 feet tall. Due to the remote location, we feel it is vital to have helicopter support in case of any problems or injuries.
Our price on this tour is 3500.00. Unfortunately, helicopter time is quite expensive in Mexico. We offer the girlfriend slot for 1500.00 that includes a private cabin, meals, transport, two days of heliing out to the landing area, A days of horseback riding to the top of the Piedra Volada (1800 foot waterfall), and all kinds of other girlfriend (significant other) stuff.

Cave of the Swallows
Due To Political Problems, our Cave Trip will be temporarily suspended until further notice.

March Big Wall Itinerary

We will be hosting our annual Copper Canyon /El Gigante trip starting on March 3rd 2005. This trip will include 5-8 days of jumping, with one rest day built in. This trip is comprised mostly of repeat customers, and is almost full with limited availability. Please contact us soon if you are interested.

Our goal is to get jumpers 8-14 jumps off 1800-2700 foot walls... with a 900-foot waterfall thrown in for jollies. We will depart Juarez/El Paso on the morning of the 4th, and return on March 13th.

Jay & Ben