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We start our adventure in the capital city of Chihuahua, then travel down to Basaseachi National Waterfall Park, deep in the heart of Mexico. We provide accommodations, food, and helicopter access for from 7 days, and nights. We will have full access to the helicopter for  five of those days. From our previous experience we expect each jumper to get between 1 and 12 jumps off during the week long trip. If things went extremely smooth.... Id like to see much more. Obviously weather is one of our only variables. Over the last 5 annual trips we have experienced pretty stable weather during March.

We are interested in taking only experienced jumpers with big wall experience, and at least 200+ BASE-jumps and at least 500 Skydives. Our tours will be limited to 9 clients, ground crew, and up to 3/5 guides, to maintain a high level of safety and personal service.

We have put much effort into developing this area. We built a small landing field (about the size of a hockey rink) at the base of El Gigante.

 We feel this is an exceptionally safe jump, especially for Wingsuiting. Landings are only for highly experienced pilots. We have multiple exit points ranging from 900 to 2850 feet tall. Due to the remote location, we feel it is vital to have helicopter support in case of any problems or injuries.  Jumpers should bring at least 2 rigs that they are super comfortable jumping into challenging landing areas.

This March of 2013 we will run two back-to-back trips as our resources and time are quite limited. Our first March trip will begin on March 15th in Chihuahua, and end on the 22nd. This trip will consist of 5 jump/heli days.  Our second trip will start on March 23rd and end on March 30th.

 Our price on these tours is 4500.00 $ US per slot. This year we are bringing in a helicopter from Arizona,  which should help turn loads faster when the weather is good.We have discontinued our significant other slot, as the high demand for slots has caused us to not be able to provide sufficient support for anyone besides jumpers.

 We are psyched to be able to pull together another awesome adventure ! I hope that you come join us on one of the most awesome adventures of your life.
For more information call: (303)-898-7562 or email: