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Adrenaline Exploits Outfitters Mexico Heli-B.A.S.E. Guides

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Our Mission
Our tour company is run jointly by Jay Epstein Ramirez and Ben Nieland. Damian Doucette, Patrik Decicco and Scott Backes serve as Guides/Riggers on our various trips.Our Goal is to provide the highest level of service and safety to a small group of highly experienced B.A.S.E. jumpers.

Jay is a dual Mexican/U.S. Citizen living in Boulder,CO and Puebla, MX. He runs his family restaurant with his brother Harvey. He is an active climber, biker, cave diver, and Birdman B.A.S.E. jumper. Jay has been guiding groups of technical divers and friends to Mexico for the past 8 years. Jay's family owns and runs a cultural art retreat in Puebla, Mexico.

Ben is BEN!! There is no other ground crew in the world like Ben. Ben has been dedicated ground crew for many BASE jumpers around the world. His experience in this canyon, as well as his dedication to safety and support set him apart from others. We're lucky to have him in any situation we face.

Damian Doucette is an accomplished climber, cave explorer, skydiver, and Birdman B.A.S.E. jumper. He is an experienced arial camera and stunt rigger . Damian works for FX West , a special effects company for film and television. Damians extensive experience in pioneering, and locating of exit points in Colorado and Utah, proves to be one of his many assets. Damian was the first person to ever jump off El Gigante.

Patrik is an experienced climber, skydiver, and B.A.S.E. jumper. His previous trips into the area, as well as his level head prove to be an asset to us all. His attention to detail and safety are key to us making the most of our adventure.

Scott Backes is an experience climber, mountaineer, rigger, expedition leader and alpine educator. Scott and his partner Mark Twight were expedition leaders for The North Face's Mountain team in the 90's. He has an amazing wealth of experience and knowledge to share. His list of accomplishments are truly long.

Our History

Our company has been taking our clients on exciting adventures for several years. We understand the history and culture of the area and we want to share it with our guests. Our goal is to run small trips to remote areas in a safe manner.