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Avery B. (ILL VISION) - If you left right now, in a few days you would be nowhere near the base of the giant to check out the landing area. Eventually, perhaps, you may get to the bottom. Standing at the bottom of the cliff, you appreciate the adjective #!%$ and dream of your own country's National Parks. You are now days from the exit point. Eventually, perhaps, you may get to the exit. You would be tired and hungry, and very scared. You are a long long way from any kind of help, that dot you have to land on is gnarly, but at least the winds are squirly. With your toes curled over the edge of your pulse, pounding, realizing, it's only fifty-fifty and you're not 100%. My experience is limited to five hundred and seventy two BASE jumps from one hundred and nineteen objects on four continents.
Thanks Jay. Sign me up for next year.
Avery, number twelve.

Marta E. (VERTIGO B.A.S.E.) -

Rook N. (Team Alchamy & Skydive Chicago) -

Brian S. (Ill VISION) -

Ray M. -

Jeremy B. -

Blair W. -